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Are any of these writing sites new to you? What are some of your favorite websites for writers?
There are two broad classes of web-writing sites: sites that buy articles or act as marketplaces for articles you've written on spec, and sites where you can find new clients.
Great list of great writer websites! I see more than 10 of these I’m already following on Twitter.
Thanks to your suggestions, this year’s list of writing websites includes both well-established favorites and bold newcomers. We struggled to whittle it down to just 100 — there are so many fantastic resources out there for writers! — and could probably create a second list of 100 based on all your recommendations. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts! very informative and helpful list! I was looking for writing sites that pay and I’m glad I was able to find this page. Perfect!Best Article Writing Sites for Earning Money OnlineFind best essay writing service from best essay writing review sites
Read and contribute stories to one of the oldest kids writing sites on the web. They have collected over 40,000 stories so far, and have been publishing kids' work since 1995. - The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has an excellent writing site with an extensive series of clear and in-depth handouts covering topics ranging from fragments and run-ons to dissertations. In addition to the handouts, there is also a series of annotated links to other writing sites. Be warned; they are a bit harder to find than the handouts. configures what happens when discussions concerning situatedness and site-specificity extend to involve art criticism, and the spatial qualities of writing become as important in conveying meaning as the content of the criticism. The book suggests that in operating as mode of a practice in its own right this kind of criticism questions the terms of reference that relate the critic to the work positioned ‘under’ critique, and instead proposes alternative positions. This process of configuration writes the sites between critic, work and artist, as well as critic, text and reader, and in so doing constructs an architecture of art criticism.I use . Patreon is a site that allows creators to post whatever it is they made that can be shared online. They share their patreon profile so that their fans and supporters can sign up to support them every time the creator posts something new. It is a great way for a writer to post whatever it is they want and not be confined to whatever some editor demands. If you do happen to write for one of the pay-to-write sites, there is also nothing stopping you from posting it to patreon as well. They don't determine what you write. They aren't publishers. They just let you post whatever you wrote somewhere else and your fans and followers pay your whatever they want you to have for your work. Think of it like a Kickstarter or GoFundMe that doesn't focus on one time big projects, but continual support for ongoing creators. It's a lot like being able to give you a tip for hard work like at a restaurant or coffee shop. Patrons aren't paying for anything, they're just saying, "Thank you and keep up the good work."I hate that. I'd rather stay independent. My good friend , who works with Quora on partnerships with other news outlets and has pushed a lot of traffic my way over the years (as well as fellow indie-writer) asked me to answer this because I found a really good alternative to traditional pay to write websites because she knows I love the site I use.Browse, bookmark and read these writing websites often, and you’ll have all the inspiration, knowledge and community you need for the coming year. (.)