AS.220.506. Writing Seminars Internship.

Business writing seminars are available at your workplace or off-site.
Placement is by electronic submission of a ballot. . Students submit five choices: nearly 50% receive their first choice; fewer than 5% receive their last. Students may enroll in only one First-Year Writing Seminar per semester.
Ordinarily no more than one independent study course may be counted among the eight Writing Seminars courses presented for graduation.
Course Description
This popular onsite business writing seminar focuses on improving productivity—using writing as a powerful tool for getting things done. Clear writing is clear thinking framed for the reader using plain language. Major: Writing SeminarsMajor: Writing SeminarsDecember 7, 2015 Writing Seminars Graduate and Faculty Member Receive 2015 Rubys Artist Grants
For first-year students, the Institute offers First-Year Writing Seminars in one of the country's largest and most diverse programs in writing in the disciplines: each semester, over 100 different courses are taught in more than 30 departments and programs located in the humanities, social sciences, expressive arts, and sciences. Through introductory work in each seminar's particular field of study, students learn to write in a range of genres and in ways that emphasize clarity, coherence, intellectual force, and stylistic control. Students should aim to satisfy their First-Year Writing Seminar requirement during their first year. First-year students have priority access to spaces in First-Year Writing Seminars, and balloting for FWSs is open only to freshmen, sophomores, and transfer students; for Spring 2016, continuing juniors and seniors may add a FWS only during the add/drop period.In general, Cornell students are required to take two semesters of First-Year Writing Seminars. Architecture students take one seminar. Agriculture and Life Sciences students may take two first-year writing seminars or choose from among a variety of other courses to complete their requirement. Hotel students take one First-Year Writing Seminar. Most students fulfill the writing requirement in the first year.Every critical writing seminar follows the same rigorous curriculum and assessment process and standards. However, each of the three types described below is tailored to the specific needs of writers with differing backgrounds. Just as students who attended math- and science-intensive high schools may be better prepared for such courses at Penn, so too students who excelled at writing-intensive schools may be more advanced writers upon arrival. In turn, some students have had a bad experience with writing and, shying away from it, are not as practiced as their colleagues. Still others may have received substantial instruction in writing but have had limited exposure to specifically American English practices and conventions of writing demanded of Penn students.As of Fall 2016, however, juniors and seniors will no longer be eligible to enroll in First-Year Writing Seminars, neither by ballot nor through electronic add/drop. Those who have not fulfilled their college's writing requirement during their first four semesters at Cornell must seek either transfer credit from another institution or an appropriate course substitution with a Cornell course such as ENGL 2880/2890, "Expository Writing." Online writing courses will not be eligible for FWS credit.These seminars are similar to the second-semester writing seminars taught at other universities. The assumption in these seminars is that students are fluent speakers and writers of American English and are knowledgeable about its basic conventions (organizational structure, plagiarism, spelling, etc). These seminars are best suited to students who: