How To Write A Novel Using The Snowflake Method

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It has oft been said, and we will say it again, oft; our book is not for everyone. Yes, it is for men and women of all genders, creeds, and sleep numbers. It is for the hot and the not, the tomato and the tom-ah-to, the hokey and the pokey. Whatever your favorite color, there is a home for you at How Not to Write a Novel.
If you're going to write a novel, you need to accept three ugly truths.
[…] here to read Larry’s first post, Five Things You Need to Know to Write a Novel, click here to read his second post, Six Elements You Must Master to Write a Publishable Novel. Or, […] […] 1 – Five Things You Absolutely Need to Know Before You Write a Novel […]How to write a novel that has narrative drive: Ask what each scene achievesDiscover how to write a novel using archetypal characters to fulfill the required dramatic functions in your story and create tension.
Taking a little time to learn how to write a novel, before you start writing, will pay off tremendously. In the first place, your mastery of some simple novel writing techniques will result in a better manuscript. Secondly, you are more likely to actually finish your novel if you have some theory to fall back on when you get stuck.For me, writing is like breathing. Stop, and I'd die. It's my vice of choice, my sanity, my stress release from a bad day or bad week. Such necessity kind of forced me to figure out how to write a novel.Learning to write a novel may seem
a daunting task, even when you
want to do it. But if you're at all
like me, you to write. And it be short.

Just had to let you know I've added a little info about changes happening at my how to write a novel site and at home in the last twelve months. Click the "" button above left (or the link here) and check it out at the bottom of that page.Long before I knew how to write a novel, the seeds of "need" were sown. In eighth grade, my English teacher had us keep journals. And she read them as part of our grade for class. (Not out loud in front of the class, thank God!) Her comment to me was, "You write very well.". Maybe you want to write a novel, but you're just not sure about what? Maybe your idea bank needs a "stimulus plan"? Here are some ideas for getting ideas.Oh, and if you haven't poked around the how to write a novel site recently, you might want to see the graphics I'm designing to add to most pages to make them more fun to see. They're scattered hither and yon right now, because I can't make 140+ graphics in one sitting.Some really smart people do some really dumb things when writing their first novel – or their tenth, for that matter. They read – at least, they should, if they aspire to write – and because the pros make it look easy, these people believe they can write a novel just as well as published authors. If not better.