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Our tutors havegraduate degrees, undergo months oftraining and pass a stringentcertification process before they becomecertified TutorVista online tutors -and, best of all, they are available24x7
Both the private tutors and online tutors offer academic help to students who need to tackle on difficult homework and to improve grades.
Multi-discipline agencies know all their tutors personally and offer online pupils the same benefit – at a price. “The tutor and online tutee can have a few sessions face-to-face first, perhaps in the form of a residential stay if the tutee lives far away,” says Emily Jack of , which is based in London and Edinburgh. “Then they can have online sessions throughout term time.” Adobe Connect virtual tutoring is only available by appointment. Please e-mail  for more information.At Eduwizards live one-on-one school and college tutoring online is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.Welcome to TutorOnline, your Online “Biz Tech Learning centre” for busy professionals
Speak to an English tutor online and learn about American lit., British lit., Irish lit., African-American lit., poetry, short stories, essay writing, research papers, reading comp., vocabulary, ACT test prep, and study skills. Find a tutor today!
Home tutors and private tutors are you currently offering private tuition and are interested in tutoring online ?Alternatively you may already be an online tutor or tutoring agency providing online lessons. Online tutoring requires a computer, laptop or a tablet with a webcam and a microphone. Phoenix Tutoring & Test Prep uses Skype to provide online tutoring. Skype allows us to see and talk to our students. We can explain concepts and share our ideas using Skype. We can also look at what our students are working on by a unique feature called “Screen Sharing”. This feature literally allows us to see what our student is working on at the moment. We can see their homework, notes, worksheets etc that are open on their computers.
Another tool that Phoenix Tutoring & Test Prep tutors often use is tutorsbox an online based whiteboard that allows tutors to draw, write, and use diagrams for math and sciences. It works on any modern web browser without any downloading. Both tutors and students can write and track progress. It is smooth for teaching geometry, algebra, physics and chemistry.
We also utilize Google docs for sharing files, worksheets, word documents, tables, drawings, spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations. Google docs helps with tutoring by allowing a file to be shared with both the tutor and the student. Thus, both can have access to it and work on it together at the same time. Our tutors often like to use it for statistics. Students love to show their study guides before exams and share it with their tutors for quizzing them on it. Google docs have plenty of storage so students can save and show multiple drafts of their papers and projects to their tutors for feedback.We accept tutors not only by their knowledge, but also by the tutoring experience. Ability to explain new material clearly and skills in communication with students of different academic levels are also very important.Fleet Tutors' team of Live Online tutors is highly experienced and trained to deliver Live Online Tutoring. Our Live Online tutors have also been carefully selected from the highest performing tutors across the country. They have established track records of tutoring students online and bring the best of the highly regarded British education system and the National Curriculum to students throughout the world. But it is much easier to find a good tutor online than one who lives around the corner. As Nathaniel McCullagh puts it: “A great tutor online is worth much, much more than an average tutor face-to-face.”