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One of the most common forms of false optimism is wishful thinking in which agents desire and often hope for something with little or no evidence that it can be obtained or attained, or the evidence is misinterpreted or not examined. Generally, agents hold a belief for a desired future outcome, or perhaps an imagined past, without a strong reason to believe that this will or has been true. I would like to think this is the best essay ever written, and if I believed that, I would be committing the wishful thinking fallacy (WT). I have no reason or evidence at all to hold that this is the best essay ever written, and I am certain that it is not close. If I simply believe that it is a nice pleasing but farfetched thought, then no fallacy is committed. Furthermore, it is very questionable whether strong evidence would or could exist to make that particular truth claim. One reason would be the lack of consensus among philosophers on the criteria for this claim. WT, I argue, is an informal fallacy when it is a real belief for a desired state of events with weak or no evidence and a highly improbable likelihood. It is a leap into improbability based upon false optimism. In most cases, the agent has no argument; it is only implied, not explicit. Yet an enthymeme can be constructed into an argument which is necessary in order to show that a fallacy exists. Obviously, if the agent does not quite believe his fantasy, or if no argument is able to be reconstructed based on the premises, then no fallacy is committed. The term "wishful thinking" is used in this paper to refer to a mode of thought that may or may not be a fallacy.
Yes, it is full of spelling and grammatical errors but that does not disqualify it from being the best essay ever written.
The compilation's liner notes were written by Greil Marcus, who'd first written about the Gang of Four in in 1979. His 1990 liner notes -- reprinted in -- are easily the best essay ever written about the band's music. The best essays ever written | Ever writtenTheir ways of template is a of manual the best college essay ever writtenThe Best SAT Essay Ever Written
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