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A college level technical lab report is a complex research/writing task
Laboratory courses should provide students with practical hands-on skills and knowledge pertinent to their field. Formal lab reports, the work products of lab courses, can be used to quantitatively assess these competencies. However, the requirements of formal lab reports, their structure, and the assessment methodology are often ambiguous. Additionally, the lack of an established assessment method can result in inconsistent and subjective assessments if multiple teaching assistants are involved in teaching the same course. This can lead to confusion and dissatisfaction for both student and teaching assistant. The Electrical Engineering program at Vanderbilt University has developed a quantitative and systematic method for assessing formal technical lab reports. This method utilizes scoring matrices, which are divided into categories based on predetermined criteria. By assessing these categories and combining their results, a quantitative measure of various practical abilities and outcomes can be evaluated from the labs. This paper presents the new quantitative and systematic assessment method.
Students shared their results in a technical lab report and presentation that participating Cane Creek residents were invited to attend. Students also recommended in their presentation measures that could further enhance water quality, such as encouraging residents to pick up dog excrement, use fertilizer with care, have septic tanks pumped every three to five years, refrain from dumping oil or grease, and use erosion control measures. Geotechnical Engineering Lab Reportsductor Magnetic Sensors” Electro Technical Lab Report volPacific Northwest National Laboratory Technical Lab Report PNWD-3526
So you’ve taken the first step and gotten your soil tested. Now how do you apply that technical lab report? SoilSmartRx is a demonstration program designed to help people interpret their soil test reports. It is a web-based application meaning it can be accessed from a computer, a tablet, or smart phone. Just enter the values from your soil test report and some questions about your property and you’ll receive specific instructions on what soil amendments are needed to grow the healthiest plants.