How Teams Develop - Lindsay Sherwin

 The Stages of Team Development Model helps you in these four key areas:
Teams go through as they move from ‘forming’ to maturity. A major role for the leader is to help the team develop through stages until they reach high performance. Helping teams through these stages includes adapting your leadership style. In the early stages a more directive approach helps to build safety, trust and confidence in the leader’s ability. As teams become more effective, a more participative style of leadership becomes appropriate. Responsibility and leadership can be shared amongst team members.
This course will help you explore what makes a successful team, team development, and ways of communicating with a team.
During the fourth stage of team development all of the work done by individual team members comes together and the goal of the project is achieved. At this point, team leaders can take a step back from directly managing every task because team members have found a comfortable and reliable working pace. In terms of team development there are four major and inter-related tasks for the team leader at this stage:This course can be studied online. This means, you have the flexibility to study our Team Development course:Team Development
Team leadership development is situational. In other words,there is no set pathway to becoming a great leader of teams. However,your strategic approach to team leadership development should changebased on your situation.Tracy Learning’s Team Development utilizes an experience based approach including activities, games, exercises, and discussions to bring teams together, focused on common goals. Each workshop is unique, adapting to the needs and issues of both team members and corporation objectives. More than just fun and games, Team Development uncovers real issues and obstacles that lie beneath the surface. Issues are then dealt with, goals are determined, and plans are put into play to set teams on a path of productivity and success.Our impactful sessions are custom designed by our L&D Consultants to meet your desired outcomes. Supported by our office team our Consultants will invariably oversee the design of your bespoke team development piece before personally delivering the session. We aim to give you the peace of mind that you have found the right L&D Partner in EML Team.Many times a team member will resist working in a team, or continually disrupt the group. Methods for handling these behaviors are included in Team Development as well. Rather than working in a majority rule environment, effective teams learn to gain consensus for each decision. Consensus means 100% commitment to the solution by 100% of the group, even though there might not be perfect agreement. Everyone must live with and support the decision.The climate or feel of a group is called the group environment. Is the atmosphere one of all business, all play, or a healthy mixture? Is it safe for team members to take risks and to speak freely? What is the price of admission to really belong to the team? All of these and other related issues are rarely dealt with in an open and direct manner, yet they are vital to the overall success of the team. Team Development provides methods for understanding and dealing with key environmental issues within the group.Team development is an important part of effective management. A group of people, strangers aside from the fact that they work together, cannot be expected to work as a well-oiled machine immediately.