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"The program enables more systemic approach in small business project management. The vector is changing from intuitive and spontaneous to a more complex and pragmatic one” – said Vladimir Menshikov, executive director, non-profit partnership “Saint-Petersburg small enterprises union".
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For 15 years, small businesses have relied on WorkZone’s project management software to manage their projects. With WorkZone, you’ll dramatically reduce effort spent tracking each project, and team members will always know what tasks they should be working on. More robust than basic small business project management tools, like Basecamp, and less complicated than high-end tools, like Microsoft Project, WorkZone is the “just right” small business project management software for most teams. Small Business Project Management - MyPMPlanability ETi | Small Business Project Management SoftwareSmall Business Project Management Software | WorkZone
There are so many cloud-based small business project management software alternatives that it can be difficult to choose (or even review them all). WorkZone is one of the most mature, battle-tested cloud-based small business project management tools on the market, up and running continuously for 15 years. WorkZone is particularly helpful in tracking multiple projects, using our cross-projects dashboard, which shows project status at a glance. There are many other project management reports, which can help project managers with getting work done and managing resources. Other reports help individuals with simple task management and time tracking, making WorkZone small business project management software ideal for diverse teams of technical and non-technical users and those with/without project management experience. WorkZone also provides cloud-based, secure document management and collaboration tools that can be used to facilitate document review and approvals. Training is provided to get your team up and running quickly, and free ongoing support is just a phone call away. Contact us to find out how WorkZone’s small business project management software can help you manage your projects more effectively.
2-plan is an integrated project management system that rocks. Energize your workplace with simple and efficient PM tool sets for notebooks, handhelds, iPhones, Androids, networks and the web. Focused on knowledge professionals’ teamwork, 2-plan's customer-driven design approach and frequent upgrades start you onboard for free. 2-plan is the first balanced corporate and small business project management system for project managers, one team projects, and multiple teams.Planability ETi small business project management software is extremely effective in supporting businesses in sectors such as Sign Making, Shopfitting and Exhibition Set Building, where each contract can be seen as a separate job or several jobs under a project. Businesses in these sectors need project management software in which planning, purchasing and human task management are discrete to each job or project but where task diaries can be viewed and managed across the whole business. In this way, costings and quotations are generated and actual costs monitored and compared by project or job and this, in turn, allows business managers to understand where things went wrong and where they went right allowing good decision making about the future of the business. Planability ETi’s small business project management software helps keep things on track in terms of time and cost.Even if you use a “small business project management software”, to keep things in sync, it is important to see if the software works according to your style or not. A project management software with a larger learning curve requires you and your employees to spare time learning its usage. But that’s certainly not affordable!