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Scholarships for Freshmen: Non-Singapore Citizens
The University of South Carolina Office of Undergraduate Admissions offers many different kinds of merit scholarships for freshmen who reside in South Carolina.
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The following are scholarship opportunities for freshmen students at UDM. Wondering what you should do next in your scholarship quest? The UDM Admissions staff is here to help you. ! Academic Merit Scholarships for Freshmen - ScholarshipsScholarships for Freshman StudentsScholarships for Freshmen - University of Louisiana at Monroe
The University of Kentucky is pleased to provide scholarship opportunities for incoming freshmen. Scholarships at the University of Kentucky are categorized as academic, competitive and automatic. The APS is available to undergraduates including Canadian and international students. The Undergraduate Admissions Office will determine the scholarship amounts for incoming freshmen and transfer students. To establish the scholarship amount, the Undergraduate Admissions Office will determine a rating based on the following guidelines: The University of Kentucky offers special scholarships to students that complete the Kentucky Governor's Scholars and/or Governor's School for the Arts summer programs. The Governor's Scholars/School for the Arts Scholarships are for incoming freshmen only. The following scholarships will be awarded to eligible students, provided the student is admitted and has the qualifying test score and GPA on file with the Office of Undergraduate by January 15. December tests are the final ACT and SAT test dates for scholarship consideration. No application is required.The Academic Performance Scholarship Program is ETSU's largest merit based scholarship program for new freshmen students from Tennessee and border counties eligible for in-state tuition. With the Scholarship Marathon quickly approaching, we’ve had a lot of students asking if there are great scholarships for freshman, sophomores, and juniors out there. Of course there are! Our database has scholarships for students of all ages. Here’s a great list of opportunities for younger (but just as hardworking) students who want to get a head start on their scholarship search.Georgia Southwestern offers numerous scholarships for freshmen that are funded through the generosity of our alumni, parents, former faculty members, and friends of the university. All scholarships are competitive based on each year's applicant pool and do not indicate automatic awards. To apply for all scholarships, an incoming freshman must be accepted to Georgia Southwestern and complete the Freshmen Scholarship Application. Exceptional applicants will be invited to attend the Southwestern Scholars Competition where they will interview and compete for their share of more than $600,000 in scholarship money awarded annually by Southwestern’s foundation. Applications submitted after February 1st will only be considered if additional funds become available. The scholarships available to new students are listed below with their reward and requirements. Approximately 20% of our freshmen class receive merit-based scholarships from Southwestern. We encourage you to apply.The provides financial assistance to women admitted to accredited United States undergraduate or graduate programs, in preparation for careers in engineering, engineering technology, and computer science. They also award individual scholarships for freshmen through graduate students on an annual basis. Scholarships range from $1,000 to $20,000 each. The graduate application is open now and available through February 2012, and the freshman application will become available in March 2012.