How to Publish Your Dissertation + Categories

Chapter 21 Publishing your dissertation: In a journal or at a conference
If you publish your dissertation with the University Libraries, i.e., deposit it in , your work will be discoverable in a search of the open web. ProQuest/UMI will make your work discoverable via a search of the open web if you request this option. (See page 4 of the .) However, dissertations in Research Showcase are more easily discovered in an Internet search than those in the ProQuest database.
LAP Publishing would be especially interested in publishing your dissertation in the form of a printed book.
After passing the oral examination, you must make the authorized version of your dissertation available to the scholarly public. To do so, you can publish your dissertation electronically on mediaTUM, the TUM's media server. Therefore please submit six paper copies at the TUM Doctorate Office (Promotionsamt) and upload an electronic version to the mediaTUM. The University Libraries enables you to publish your dissertation under an open license. ProQuest/UMI does not.(2009), Publishing Your DissertationHow do you publish your dissertation as a book
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In Open Access publishers or Open Access papers you as a doctoral student have the possibility to publish your dissertation as well. There are different strategies of using Open Access: First publication via Open Access (golden way), simultaneous or subsequent archiving (green way) and the publication via Open Access beyond conventional distribution (grey way). The latter means for example the online publication on universities' servers (). Essential questions for you as an author such as the financing, the impact factor or the protection of your rights will be answered on the website named below. Please notice as well the the helpful link by ScholarlyOA which presents a list of potential predatory OA publishers and how you may detect a publisher as questionable.