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In addition to resume writing, professional resume companies provide other services such as and resume blasting. Resume posting allows you to submit your resume electronically online to resume posting services which then post your resumes on their sites in the applicable job classification, or even blast it out to prospective employers looking for your type of employee. It is an effective and often powerful means of creating awareness about you! Think of resume posting as a bit of self promotion and marketing. If you want to create awareness about how valuable an employee you will be, then utilize the resume posting services to get your resume message out.
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Over 700 professional resume companies throughout the U.S. and Canada belong to The Professional Association of Resume Writers (PARW). This professional membership demonstrates their commitment to their craft and to serving their clients. In addition, the association established a study and testing curriculum in 1991 and nearly 200 of the association’s members have already earned the designation, Certified Professional Resume Writer. Best Professional Resume Writing CompaniesProfessional Resume Writing CompanyResume Pro Writers - Professional Resume Writing Company