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You may find the extra help below useful when writing Philosohy essays.
CustomEssays' highly experienced team of researches is here to help you with your philosophy essays or dissertation on Asian philosophy, philosophy of language, contemporary philosophers, social and political philosophy, social and political issues, classical and contemporary works of philosophy, justice, freedom, property, equality, and democracy, feminist philosophy, or gender, race and class.
You may find the extra help below useful when writing Philosohy essays.
Writing a philosophy essay is not easy. It requires lots of thought, careful planning, meticulous writing and rewriting. Start working on your paper early so that your final product is not written in haste.

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Runs a philosophy essay competition open to year twelve pupils. The maximum word count is 2,000 words and the prize is £250. The closing date is 2014. More details on their website.Philosophy essays are different from essays in all other fields.A number of years ago, some psychologists did an experiment to testreasoning ability. They found that people from most professions didequally badly; only philosophers did well. This probably indicatesthat the psychologists had taken their criteria for good reasoningfrom philosophers; it certainly indicates that philosophicalreasoning differs from that in most other fields.Both the above quotes are taken from book reviews in the mostprestigious philosophy journal, and they capture two importantfacts about philosophy essays. First, being right is notparticularly important. Second, in dealing with historicalpositions, it is not necessary to limit oneself to the positionsthat historical figures actually held. This does not mean thatanything goes, however!The first stage in planning your essay is deciding what to leaveout. You could easily write a PhD dissertation (about 80,000 words)on any of the topics given for your essays, so a 1,500 word essaymust leave a lot out. Your essays must not provide acomprehensive survey of the course material. This is a vitalpoint, and a major difference from other NatSci courses. You cannotboth write a philosophy essay and survey the entire course. Leavethings out.The purpose of the rest of this essay is to give you some groundrules for writing a philosophy essay. Do not apply these rules toyour history essays; they are completely different. The advicefalls into two parts, basic and advanced. You should follow thebasic advice for your first essay, even if you have done philosophybefore. Once you are getting clear II:i marks for essays accordingto the basic advice, it is worth trying the advanced hints.So there you have it: ten basic rules for writing a great philosophy essay. You’ll find a checklist associated with these ten rules on the Exploring philosophy website for registered students. You should take note of these rules and the checklist for every assignment, not just your first.A car journey is less stressful if, at any time in the journey, you know where you are going, and the same is true for reading a philosophy essay. So as well as arguing to a conclusion, you need to let your reader know where they are in your argument. Sentences such as the following can be useful: ‘Having shown that such and such, I will now show that so and so or ‘Smith has two arguments for this position. In the first he says this and in the second he says that… .’ All our philosophy essays and philosophy dissertations will never be resold to any other customer or put on any database. All UK philosophy essays and philosophy dissertations are custom written, and checked by plagiarism checking software.