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Some example HDI questions that could become interesting PhD research topics include:
This page lists possible PhD topics suggested by members of staff in ILCC. These topics are meant to give PhD applicants an idea of the scope of the work in the Institute.
Below are some examples of PhD topics that I would be willing to supervise.
Please pay particular attention to the deadlines that apply to educational and assessment (examination) submissions, as well as any potential cancellation.

PhD candidates can only submit for courses and examinations in the topics already in the studyplan determined at the time of admission. Changes in the Plan (replacing the topics), must be applied for - contact Student Section at the Faculty. If you wish to take extra courses in addition to the courses in the plan must also contact the Student Section and request that the desired topics are added to the Studentweb.

When external candidates register for PhD courses at NTNU:

If you have not been admitted to studies at NTNU, but still want to take a PhD course at the Faculty of Medicine

1. You must submit yourinto courses to: Academic Affairs, Admissions Office 7491 NTNU

2. The topics requested must be specified in the application form.

3. A copy of a certificate/ transcript must be attached, confirming that you are qualified to take the PhD topics.

4. If you qualify, the Admissions Office will register you as a participant of the course(-s) you are applying for. Admissions Office will register you for admission and exams in the topics you have listed in the form.

5. You are now registered as a student (for the current semester)

6. You will receive a PIN code to enter on to the StudentWeb (the student web interface to manage their studies)

7. You log on to the StudentWeb to pay your tuition fees.

8. Your personal KIDnr of payment can be found by within the payment information in StudentWeb.

9. After your payment is registered, you must obtain access to It's Learning (virtual classroom – communications portal between students / tutor)

10. Access It's Learning: This list of thesis topics has been divided into two categories; Masters thesis topics and PhD thesis topics.Hello every one..i am looking for PhD topics in software engineering ,,, so would you help me .?thanksIndicative list of PhD topics
Welcome on my PhD topics web page! If you should be interestedin working on your PhD with me,please contact me by email ()to make anappointment. You will find informationwith respect to the following subjects: 99. Integrated Business Modelling, Expert Dating Algorithms for Crowd-Solving Globally Challenging Problems (11 words, more than 20 PhD topics selected from UN 20130 SDGs, for example)This PhD topic aims to intelligently generate an automatic sound mix out of an unknown set of multi-channel inputs. The input channels can be analysed to determine preferred settings for gain, equalization, compression, reverb, and so on. The research explores the possibility of reproducing the mixing decisions of a skilled audio engineer with minimal or no human interaction. This research has application to live music concerts, remote mixing, recording and postproduction as well as live mixing for interactive scenes. The PhD topics shown here are representative examples of projects offered by our department that are eligible for funding through the London NERC Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP). The London DTP offers between 30-40 studentships per year covering all aspects of earth and environmental science, hosted by one of nine different London-based academic institutions including UCL. The research in Baltic TRANSCOAST is organized in 12 PhD topics in three with hydro-dynamic (H), (bio)geochemical (G), and biological (B) focus.These topics are suggestions. Applicants may suggest own topics in their research interest statement. However, the link between the preferred PhD topic and the overall research field of User Centred Social Media should be apparent at all time.