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A will ask you to give your personal insight and opinion on a given piece of content like an article, video, or book, and the most important thing to remember, the thing that students often forget, is that it has to be personal, meaning that you don’t just want to summarize the content and give little insight or analysis, and you don’t just want to objectively analyze it either, you want to say what you thought it meant, and it’s value or significance to you. To write purely subjectively is often difficult to people when writing academically, and many struggle just with knowing what to write about and where to start, but we have personal response essay examples that you can learn from.
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When seeking a personal response essay example consider sources that are reliable and offer detailed insight on how to develop content on your own. There is a number of sources students use regularly that provide tips and advice on how to write your content. To learn more information online you can look closer to this site. In the meantime here are a few sources to help you get started on finding good example content for your personal response essay. Personal Response Essay ExampleSample Personal Response Essay - College of DuPagePersonal Response (Five Paragraph Essay)
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