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The anthology, released Dec. 8 and selling for $2.99 in Amazon's online Kindle Store, is the result of more than 30 flash fiction writers, all frequent contributors to various online writing contests, forming an online writer's group of their own, Orozco said. The international group exchanged work and edited themselves to put the book together, with all profits going toward International Board on Books for Young People, which works with writers, illustrators and publishers around the world to get more books into the hands of children.
Book club members may add book reviews to the library website or participate in online writing contests through the library.
I am over the moon to be a Pitch Wars mentor this year. Last year, I HIYAed my way in as a Ninja Mentor and read some incredible manuscripts. I’m a huge believer in online writing contests of this sort. Not only do you get some first rate feedback from incredible mentors, but -more importantly- you can meet and cheer on new writer friends. Best way to make friends – tell them you admire their work (and mean it, too). Make it your goal to meet three new writer friends through the contest. You can thank me later. Am An Author’ Online Writing Contest at D.Gfiction(or)non online writing contestsCCF Writer: An Online Writing Contest - Children Come First
Well what can I say about me? I live in Central NY with myvery understanding husband, my three busy boys, and myoh-so-dramatic daughter, who keep me grounded and makeeverything I do worthwhile ... not to mention provide mewith loads of material for my books :-) I am a long timelover of reading and writing, with a Masters in EnglishEducation. I have been both a winner and finalist in severalonline writing contests, including the Amazon Breakout NovelContest, as well as being a freelance editor. I am also amember of several writing organizations and love attendingwriting conferences. These days you will find me at homewith my children, doing what makes me happier than anythingI’ve ever tried ... writing books! I write both teenand adult books: fun and exciting stories for any age set insmall towns with mystical elements and quirky characters.My novel, “Reliant Service,” came in first place in the Houston Writers Guild’s Fall 2014 paranormal story contest. I am also an RWA Pro member and I judge many online writing contests.In September 2010, Stardoll teamed up with publishing giant Random House to produce an interactive online book, called for teens in time for Halloween. One chapter was published each week, leading up to Halloween, and registered Stardoll members could dress the characters in different outfits, participate in online writing contests based on themes from the book, explore a map of the fictional New England town of Winter Mill, where the story took place, and interact with other Stardoll members on the site to discuss the story.I started secondary school in 1998 and finished the first cycle of three years with a good grade that promoted me to the next cycle in a different school where I had to choose a field of study to follow. Latin and Modern Languages was my preference for the rest of three years of the secondary. When I entered secondary studies I was already to do even the impossible to have a grade that was to help me acquire a state bursary for university studies. I have got the grade I wanted and I chose to continue with French language and literature as field of study within the National University of Rwanda. When we stepped in the second year, we have been surprised to notice that there were no new admission in our department, which meant that we were the last promotion in the field, we came to understand the reason why only when we reached the last year of our studies when the Rwandan government decided to ban all French usage in schools and all administrative and public offices. This was a great disappointment because this decision meant that our degrees were for no value in the country. I then used my secondary certificate to acquire a job as an English teacher and I used my degree in French to participate in online writing contests as I was devoted to become a writer. Only one year after I got my degree, I have been obliged to flee my country to Kenya.