Keys to managing remote project teams

Managing a project team can be fun and rewarding, involving many aspects:
Managers are all given goals to attain and project mangers are no different, they have to achieve project objectives in a specified time frame and budget. This involves he or she managing each of the project functional areas (Schedule, Budget, Quality etc.) while implementing and managing project team process. Keeping the team working at their optimal performance levels is a vital part of the project team management process.

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The success of project managers in managing their project teams often depends a great deal on their ability to resolve conflict. Different project managers may have different conflict resolution styles. Factors that influence conflict resolution methods include:
Managing a project team can be fun and rewarding, involving many aspects:The Essentials of Managing a Project TeamManage Project Team - is all about:
Lastly and perhaps most obviously, when managing project teams you must ensure that everyone, including project sponsors are clear about when the project is launching and exactly what is being delivered. This might seem obvious to you, and of course should be clearly stated in the or documents. However, in the real world, shock horror, not all project sponsors bother to read these documents, or if they do, manage to misunderstand them particularly if they are not technology literate.In managing a project team, a Project Manager needs to possess excellent analytical and organizational skills. A technical proficiency in the specialist area of their project is also a distinct advantage. Remember, though, that projects achieve their outcomes through people – a variety of people working together in a coordinated way to produce the desired results.Hi Bruce, nice to read your thoughts on remotely managing project team. I agree with you, freedom of working remotely has benefits of its own, it proves really helpful to continue smooth operations even if you are away from work place. You need to provide special attention to communication, planning and real time reporting for better coordination among virtual team members. We use Microsoft i.e. Project Professional 2010 for this purpose; it has excellent collaboration and reporting features. Thanks for sharing different resources on virtual team.There have been hundreds of articles written about managing project teams. Many cover the same ground. Unfortunately, many also fail to differentiate between line management and project team management. They expect the same rules that apply to a staff member in a line role apply to a person on a project team. This article discusses the unique needs of a project team member and offers some suggestions as to how a team may be managed.