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Tip: Use Padlet to brainstorm ideas for group projects or to collect and showcase student work.
Different supervisory tasks are associated with interns and paraprofessional workers. When organizations accept interns, it is important to remember that the interns are not full-time employees. The authors challenge supervisors to perform an assessment of their organization's capacity to support and appropriately use interns in their daily operations so that the internship experience is positive for the organization and the student. Group supervision is an option when more than one intern is placed at the organization, and the book provides suggestions for managing the process and ideas for group projects.
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Focusing on society's most difficult and dangerous conflicts, resources available through this site include a wide variety of essays and articles, audio recordings and transcripts of interviews with experts, book and article summaries, annotated cases, interactive role plays, checklists, ideas for group projects, a guide to working with strong emotions, and a build-your-own text module. More sample ideas for group projectsIdeas for Group Projects for Painting Canvas | eHowIdeas for Group Projects for Painting Canvas
The class travels for immersion in the context and to conduct market research during part of the winter break. The field trip has been conducted in India, Tanzania, and Argentina. Students observe households in urban and rural subsistence contexts, as well as retail and wholesale outlets. Students interview low-literate, low-income individuals in urban and rural settings regarding product ideas for group projects. Students also visit educational institutions, non-profit organizations, and corporations engaged in the development of innovative programs and technologies for subsistence contexts. The field trip geared to visiting the environment of the urban and rural poor requires considerable planning and rehearsal, and has been a transformative learning experience for the students. Spring semester is spent converting concepts to workable prototypes, and developing manufacturing, marketing and business plans.The HKUST campus provides countless ways to get involved in learning by doing. If you are looking for an individual student project that be done on campus, or ideas for group projects or capstones work, the following is a list of possibilities for consideration.Once students at Thompson High School in Alabaster City Schools in Alabama learn the basics of 3D printing, teachers encourage them to devise ideas for group projects, such as designing and building an electric car and creating prosthetic legs.