Q. Do I need a Resume or a CV when applying for Lab Placement?

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1. I need a resume. How do I get started?
You can find information about resumes by . After you have created a document, visit the Career Center in room 209 Koldus from 8:30-11 or 1:30-4 to have your resume reviewed. During the summer, walk-in advising hours do change so please check with us for the most up-to-date summer schedule.
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Question: Do I need a resume for an on campus job interview?
Answer: Not typically, but some departments may ask for one. Having a resume is always a plus because it shows that you are sincere and earnest about getting a job. Do I need a resume? | Yahoo AnswersWhy Do I Need A Resume - Article by Donna TuckerDo I need a resume? - College Countdown
One of the worst things in any word processor is making a resume. You can try and format it yourself, finding out that detailed formatting in Word and iWork is a special sort of awful. You can use one of the built in templates, but your resume is then going to look like everyone else’s. I Need A Resume seeks to make all of that much easier, by generating a nicely formatted resume using forms.