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There are many authors out there who have never been published or have been rejected by a number of publishers. It is rather frustrating but authors never give up. Being published and seeing your book for sale is the height of your career as a writer and it even gets better when you get income from it from royalty or book sales. Here is a guide on how to get your book published:
How to Get a Book Published in 10 Not-So-Easy Steps
Let’s say you want to know how to get book published or get a recording contract. As any kind of artist, you can use your blog as your portfolio and press kit. You can use it to court writers agents and publishing companies, galleries, book stores, and fans. Establishing an on line fan base is always a great selling point when you are looking to publish or showcase your work. How to Get a Book Published – The 7 Step PlanHow to Get a Book Published | eHowHow to get your book published - YouTube
In their excitement, many first time writers fail to fully understand that being published comes with a certain amount of responsibility. One of the most important of these is being able to produce excellent quality work. Learning how to get a book published is wasted if your work is below standard. When you approach a publishing firm with a draft of your novel, you should be able to offer them the best quality work that you have. Your draft is not only a reflection of your talent and creativity, it is also a reflection of your character and reliability as a writer on their roster. This is why you should never, under any circumstance, attempt to submit a manuscript that needs to be edited heavily. It is not only unprofessional and impolite, it is also detrimental to your goals as a writer.