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This continent is by far the most popular destination for high school summer programs abroad and it's clear to see why. No region in the world is home to as many completely different languages and cultures as Europe. In only an hour train ride you can venture to a whole new land. Further, Europe is easy to get around, making it ideal for traveling programs and it's a destination that we learn a lot about in American school systems. In this region you'll find internships at art museums, archaeological sites and more. You'll have plenty of language school options. Plus Europe is one of the most trusted regions abroad for safety, so it's ideal for parents sending their babies away for the first time as well.
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The Native American High School Summer Program is a three-week summer program for high school students from participating Native communities. Students, teachers, and community representatives come to Harvard Medical School to learn about the science of substance abuse and addiction. Admissions/High School Summer Programs - Hillsdale CollegeUndergraduate Admissions High School Summer Study ProgramsHigh School Summer Program - AMDA
High school summer programs abroad are not limited to the classroom either. There are so many different ways to travel and gain experience abroad in high school, from volunteering your time to spending a month trying out a career you're interested in. Check out what types of programs are open to high school students.Have an idea of what type of program suits you? Start planning for next summer. This guide should help you have a better idea of where the most popular places for high school programs abroad are, what type of program best suits you and different ways to help pay for your program of choice. But remember - high school summer abroad programs are not limited to those mentioned in this post. In fact, the opportunities to travel and live abroad are endless for high school students, so take advantage of them now. Those summers of freedom won't last forever, so make the most of them while you still can.Regardless of whether or not you're planning to take part in a high school summer program on a budget, you should check out what scholarships or financial aid is available to you and your parents. Almost every organization offers something. offers $500 level summer enrichment fellowships and $1000 level summer scholarships. The offers scholarships ranging from $250-$3,000 as well as financial aid.The Environmental & Occupational Health Science Institute announces the 2016 Toxicology, Health & Environmental Disease (THED) High School Summer Program. THED is a highly intensive program requiring active involvement of participants. Students will participate in a variety of laboratory activities such as DNA isolation, PCR, cell culture, gel electrophoresis, enzyme activity measurement, and microscope slide staining, in addition to discussions about careers in medicine, pharmacy, toxicology, environmental science, and research. This summer program is open to highly motivated high school students interested in the biomedical and environmental sciences, entering the 10th, 11th or 12th grade in the fall of 2016. Participants must have completed at least one high school biology course.Tuition for our High School Summer Program:
Half Day Academic Program: $5,275
Full Day with Afternoon Activity: $6,425
Full Day with Residential Program: $8,500All Turkish and International high school students currently enrolled in in grades 9 through 12 grades may apply to Işık University High School Summer Program.