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Families play a vital role in educating America's children. Whatfamilies do is more important to student success than whetherthey are rich or poor, whether parents have finished high schoolor not, or whether children are in elementary, junior high, orhigh school.

Yet, for all that common sense and research tell us, familyinvolvement often remains neglected in the debate about Americanschool reform. To focus more attention on this importantsubject, the U.S. Congress recently added to an initial list ofsix National Education Goals another that states:

Every school will promote partnerships that will increaseparental involvement and participation in promoting the social,emotional, and academic growth of children.

The Office of Educational Research and Improvement has producedHelping Your Child With Homework to contribute to the drive toincrease family involvement in children's learning. As thehandbook points out, we know that children who spend more time onhomework, on average, do better in school, and that the academicbenefits increase as children move into the upper grades.

But the value of homework extends beyond school. We know thatgood assignments, completed successfully, can help childrendevelop wholesome habits and attitudes. Homework can helpparents learn about their children's education and communicateboth with their children and the schools. And it can encourage alifelong love of learning.

In addition to helping with homework, there are many otherimportant ways that parents can help their children learn. Parents can encourage children to spend more leisure time readingthan watching television. They can talk with their children andcommunicate positive behaviors, values, and character traits. They can keep in touch with the school. And they can expresshigh expectations for children and encourage their efforts toachieve.

We hope Helping Your Child With Homework can lead all of youfacing the challenges of raising children one step closer tosuccess. Indeed, family involvement in education is crucial if wewant our children to succeed in school and throughout life.

Sharon P. Robinson
Assistant Secretary
Office of Educational Research and Improvement
Jonathan another returning volunteer this year, notes from his previous experience what he has learned about helping students in the Homework Center – “I’ve learned that there are different ways to help kids and that one needs to be patient. Sometimes kids are shy and you need to constantly check to make sure they learn how to do their work because they may never ask you.”This is something the student needs to be careful of. There are sites that do provide free online chat help in homework, including math, but not all the free sites use qualified help. Many of the free sites use unqualified tutors, and may or may not be a good help. Some of the chat sites offer a free trial service, and some are funded by an outside support. What will be talked about here, is how to find a good site for free chat, math homework help help.Parents helping with homework is the best teaching things i’ve ever seen this is how makes true parents responsibility test. such as parents also program for their children.