This will tell you how to make a good PowerPoint presentation using office PowerPoint 2007
Making an impressive powerpoint presentation is an important toolkit in anyone’s arsenal. Its one thing to make an ordinary powerpoint and another to make something that wow’s the audience. Attend this free workshop at Kinu to learn some of the do’s and don’t of making good powerpoint presentations from Kinu co-founder, Taha Jiwaji.
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The most important characteristic of a good PowerPoint presentation is proper spelling and grammar. Even with the most amazing message, you will lack authority if you present it with spelling or grammar errors. Perform a final spell check. If you are not familiar with grammar, have a friend or colleague check it for you. Proper font type and size is also important. Multiple types of fonts or dressy, novelty fonts are distracting. Many fonts differ from one computer to the next which can cause problems if you have to switch computers. To solve these problems, stick to basic fonts such as Times New Roman, Geneva, or Arial. Use a font size of at least 28 so that your words will be seen without problems. A good PowerPoint presentation is, at it's root, a good storyexamples good powerpoint presentation - YouTubeWhat Makes A Good PowerPoint Presentation? ppt - WizIQ
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When PowerPoint, a software product developed by Microsoft, was released in the late 1980s and early 1990s it was a huge boon to a presentation. Suddenly dull office meetings were interesting again. Because PowerPoint has now been around for several years, it's still a great presentation tool however in order to have an impact it needs to be used wisely. Here's how:

Tip #1 Use PowerPoint slides as supporting material, not your entire presentation. For example, if you're giving a talk you can highlight important statistics or data on a PowerPoint slide. This makes it easier for you because you don't have to memorize the data and it makes it easier for your audience to see. And if you present the data in a nice chart or graph your audience can quickly ascertain the importance of the information.

Tip #2 KISS: Keep it simple, silly. It's easy to get carried away with all of the features and effects PowerPoint offers users. However, the most effective graphics are often the easiest on the eyes. That means using fonts that are easy to read whether you're sitting in the front of the room or the back, using colors that stand out well in contrast to the other colors on the slide, and making the image large enough that everyone can see it. Additionally, each slide will want to contain only one or two bits of key information. You want your audience's attention on you, not reading the projector screen.

Tip #3 When giving your PowerPoint presentation, use the slides as part of your speech rather than reading them. When you get to the point in your presentation, where the slides are relevant, turn your audience's attention to the graphic and continue talking.A good PowerPoint presentation should be able to grab the audience's attention and clearly communicate your message at the same time. Below are tips on how to hone your PowerPoint presentation skills.Read a nice post on Seth’s blog the other day. He’s right: creating a good PowerPoint presentation is not that easy. Making it interactive is one possibility. Taking the 10/20/30 rule into consideration another one.