So where do you find free online university courses?

College University: Free Online College University Courses
Prestigious universities such as Stanford and Princeton were involved in starting , and now the University of Copenhagen has joined the partnership. The project, which was launched less than a year ago, has now grown to become the world’s most important platform for free online university courses. Today, is backed by an extensive range of universities, together offering several hundred courses. More than two million students worldwide have already registered for at least one course.
A new university, founded at Otago Polytech, offers free online university courses for students worldwide.
Coursera offers free online university level courses developed by institutions such as: Princeton, Stanford, University of Pennsylvania, University of Michigan, and more. List Of Free Online University Courses Grows « CBS MiamiFree Online University Courses - Open College @ Kaplan UniversityFree Online University Courses - Android Apps on Google Play
In fall 2011, two computer science professors at Stanford University came up with the first platform for free online university courses. Their goal was to transform higher education and make it more accessible. The initiative was an instant hit. Since then, the popularity of this means of sharing knowledge has grown by leaps and bounds. Today over one million people are enrolled in a huge variety of online courses, most of them offered by leading American universities including Stanford, Harvard, MIT and the University of Michigan.Coursera is one of three prominent international online hubs for free online university courses, which give people around the world the opportunity to complete course work offered by leading institutions, although participants do not earn a qualification.