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For example, look at the thesis statement from the food additives essay model answer:
Agree or disagree. When you choose an argument for a paper in school, you often have to strain yourself to look for something original, something subtle. Not here. Not on the 25-minute fast food essay. Once you’ve rephrased the topic, agree with it or disagree. It’s that simple.
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There are various topics on which essays are written. One of the most common topics used for the purpose is that of food. Food is a multi-faceted topic. There are various aspects about food that are topics of study for various subjects. And for the same reason, you must be careful while handling food essays.• Find a focal point. The absence of a strong focus can result in you digressing off into unwanted or forbidden realms which belong to other subjects. A focal point, which can also be called the thesis of your essay, can ensure that your essay is fixed steadily on the right point. Hence, while choosing the thesis for your food essay, choose a strong one. A thesis is powerful enough to determine the overall appeal of your essay. The whole essay would be revolving around this focal point which you choose as your thesis. So, choose it wisely.• Consider your subject area of study. Your topic should address a specific issue studied from your subject perspective. It is necessary to know the subject area thoroughly enough to ascertain whether a particular topic would fall within the area or not. For example; if the essay has been assigned with the purpose of bringing the wrong kind of food habits, of new generation children, to light, there is no point in writing a generalized essay about the after effects of poor eating habits. When you have been asked to address a specific issue, make sure that you do exactly as said, if you wish to secure good grades for your food essay.Taking a clear position and defending it with solid, detailed examples is a strong start to a successful SAT essay. But the SAT-graders also care about the mechanics of your writing, which we call your “command of language.” Think of your command of language as your fast food essay’s Special Sauce—it’s the sprinkling of perfect word choice, grammar, sentence structure, and spelling that must ooze through your entire essay. An SAT essay with a clear position and strong examples won’t get a perfect score without the Special Sauce, so pay close attention to these three facets of your essay (the actual SAT essay-grading guidelines mention them specifically):