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• Read example personal statements if you find them helpful ­ but DO NOT copy from them.
Now we want to show you how to put it in action. This series of example Personal Statements are from real students who have sent in their essays to us for review. We’ve carefully redacted identifying information, but the core contents remain the same. We’ve invited our guest blogger, Yumi Kovic of to share her insights with the submitted essays.
Example Personal Statements Example One - Administrator and receptionist
The first hour will include detailed guidance on what a good PGCE personal statement should include and an exercise when we will ask you to critique example personal statements of varying quality. During the second hour you will have the opportunity to work on your own statement, discuss your ideas with others in the group and get individual advice and feedback from the adviser leading the workshop. Below is our portfolio of example personal statements to help guide you in writing your ownExample personal statements can be found on the University of Kent websiteExample personal statement for application to law school
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