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Currently there are six Flash-based photo essays available on two gallery screens. Screen 1 includes essays on riverbank erosion as a climatic force, processes involved in people abandoning their houses, lands and communities when faced with erosion, and shifting their houses and other property. Screen 2 includes photo essays on people resettling elsewhere, fishing, and a rural Bengali bamboo festival involving lathikhela (the club game, a ritualized form of fighting with lathi--bamboo polls), magic, swordplay and feats of strength.
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On the other hand, the impact that technological progress has on people’s relationships is not positive. Firstly, if it is true that social networks can remove geographic barriers, it is equally true that they may give rise to a sense of isolation and loneliness in those who use them. The impression to live close to a person who is physically distant may persuade us that chatting on Facebook or Messenger may be the best alternative to a pleasant meeting or a tasty dinner in a restaurant. Secondly, relationships have become more superficial. People tend to create virtual friendships and reveal their secrets to “friends” they have never met. Finally, making use of symbols to express feelings may lead to a lack of spontaneity in human relationships and a gradual impoverishment of language. Never in a Hurry: Essays on People and Places by ..Never in a Hurry Essays on People and PlacesEssays on People, Place & Purpose