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Darwin believed that expressions of emotion are products of evolution. Darwin’s theory of emotions evolves from our behaviors that show what we will do next. These signals enhance communication functions. Opposite messages are shown by opposite ways we move, thesis known as the principle of antithesis.
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Cannon-Bard theory of emotion stimuli has two separate effects. Emotions excite both the feelings of emotions in the bran and the expression of emotion in the autonomic and somatic nervous systems. James-Lang believes emotional experience and emotional expressions are parallel processes that have no direct relationship. Person sees a bear and at the same time they have the feeling of fear and a physiological reaction. Emotions : Essays on Emotion TheoryEmotions : Essays on Emotion Theory.Emotions : essays on emotion theory - WorldCat
Emotions and feelings are central to our life. They allow us to exist and achieve the fullness of our personality by motivating us towards that which is good. However, as a result of traumatic experiences, our emotional life can become disordered. This abnormal expression of emotion can only be understood and addressed by having an adequate understanding of how emotions work and develop within the person. This essay will seek to outline what emotions are, how they develop and how they relate to motivation and thought processes. A brief study of anxiety will seek to show how emotions can become disordered, and the ways in which ‘emotional literacy’ provides a means of addressing this problem.This volume brings together philosophical essays on emotions by eleven leading thinkers in the field. The essays cover a variety of topics that relate emotions to humor, opera, theater, justice, war, death, our intellectual life, authenticity, personal identity, self-knowledge, and science. Several break new ground in the field. Others extend and deepen work for which their authors are well-known. All but two of the essays are new. Contributors include Noel Carroll, Martha Nussbaum, Paul Woodruff, Laurence Thomas, Kathleen Higgins, Michael Stocker, Nancy Sherman, Jerome Neu, Charles Nussbaum, and Robert Roberts.

The book honors the memory of Robert C. Solomon, whose influential work in the philosophy of emotions helped mold the field for over three decades. An introductory essay explains the development and importance of Solomon's thought in this field."Topographies of the Self: Praise and Emotion in Hindu India," Affecting Discourse: Anthropological Essays on Emotions and Social Life. C. Lutz and L. Abu-Lughod (Eds.). New York and London: Cambridge University Press: 92-112.