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I wonder whether the forest of academic and critical discourse that’s grown up around his work affects his own assessment of it. He groans. “Have you ever tried to read that stuff? Everybody brings their own special critical prejudices to every critical article they write. I read 15 articles about me, 15 essays about me, I’m reading about 15 different people.”
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Thanks Sandy. I think you are really good at what you do and I respected your ideas and suggestions. You certainly helped me pull together two very honest and representative applications.

Maybe my HBS essays could have been better but... there is an element of me that I couldn't and wouldn't strip out of those essays. I'm not a loose cannon but I certainly have an edge to me and I think it can be misinterpreted on paper. I'm ok with that though.

First, it reinforces my feeling that Stanford is absolutely the right place for me. They read two very open and honest essays about me and they still want me. Second, it makes me very comfortable with the work I submitted and the process you coached me through. Honestly, I was hesitant to use any essay consultant because I wanted to submit my own work and I wanted it to be 100% truthful. I know that a lot of applicants make things up in their essays and that consultants are often responsible for a lot of the prose. I didn't think I needed that and I would really rather be rejected then compromise my integrity. I liked working with you because you didn't ask me to include things that weren't true and you let me use my conclusion, my examples -- even when yours sounded better. You let me go with Essay 4 (Define Success) even though you thought it was risky. But that's me. I like to take risks, I like who I am and moreover... I'm a stubborn little bastard. I thought I was submitting a strong app and even you couldn't convince me otherwise -- and I really think you know HBS cold.

At the end of the day (lame banker phrase that I detest) I really enjoyed the application process. I learned a lot about myself. I spent a lot of time thinking about my strengths, weaknesses, hopes, desires, dreams -- whatever. When people ask me "why I want to go to business school?" or "what I want to do with my life?" -- I have answers. This process and these essays helped me draft a map to guide me through the journey of life and personal growth as I said in my Stanford essays.

So... I'm all set. I'm heading to a great institution -- my first choice by far -- and I think I know what I want out of life. You helped me get there and only charged me $3,600. I think that's a bargain. Thank you very much.