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Part II looks at the challenges of creating and establishing the correct regulatory environment for new technologies. If the right regulatory environment is to be established then the right set of standards need to be set, supported by an appropriate, effective suitable system of assessment and monitoring. Five key types of technology are used in reference to establishing this correct regulatory environment. They are biotechnology, information technology, neurotechnology, nanotechnology and renewables. This approach works well and helps to earth much of what is discussed and proposed. Whilst all seven essays in this part of the work prove to be helpful working discussions, two particularly stand out to this reviewer. First, Hailemichael T. Demissie’s essay on nanotechnology, “Taming Matter for the Welfare of Humanity: Regulating Nanotechnology”, explores aspects of the nano conversation which never quite make it to the agenda of most discussions on the future of nanotechnology - that of justice and benefit sharing. The potential of an emerging nano-divide is a very real possibility and so Demissie argues for the need for a regulatory environment which seeks to promote and distribute the benefits of nanotechnology as widely as possible is crucial if civil unrest, division and disenchantment is to be avoided.
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