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It must thus have takenProfessor Latour a goodly dose of chutzpahto proclaim:"It's a clever joke, an astute intervention. It gives a good thrashing to people who deserve it. [But not to] researchers who, like me, work in Science Studies" and "have scientific training"(Libération, 3 December 1996).I won't bore the readers of Le Mondeby making explicit the "scientific training" exhibited by Latourin his essay on Einstein's theory of relativity --a theory that he interprets as"a contribution to the sociology of delegation"(Social Studies of Science 18, pages 3-44, 1988).The details will appear in a book thatand I are currently writing,on Les impostures scientifiques des philosophes (post-)modernes[The (post-)modern philosophers' fraudulent science].Suffice it to say that some colleagues have suspectedLatour's article to be, like mine, a parody.
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Tsivian also is involved in the restoration and digitization of silent films. His voice can be heard on the audio essay for the DVD version of Dziga Vertov’s , on the audio-visual essay on Einstein’s , and on both the English and Russian versions of the CD-ROM , for which he received the 2001 award for best interactive learning project from the British Academy of Film and Television Arts. Free Essays on Albert Einstein through - Essay Depotessay on albert einstein - Scribd - Read Unlimited BooksSample essay on Albert Einstein – 467 words