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Free Essay on Candide by Voltaire Why did Voltaire chose to use the format of a tale to present the story of Candide, why did he chose to use a tale to present his ideas of the world, how he perceive the world as true love does not conquer and religion will not save you,…
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While this essay has attempted to point out that perhaps Candide is not free from the biases inherent to those classes and groups Voltaire so harshly criticizes, this is not to say that there are not plenty of cases in which it would be possible to draw revolutionary ideas from. By taking an almost socialist stance at the end of the novel, there is the feeling that the only to progress is through direct action rather than idle philosophical speculation. Still however, there also remains the idea that Voltaire is perhaps not as progressive as he is said to be—especially since he was working from inside the system (one of Churches, aristocracy, and gender bias) to formulate his critiques. Despite this rather negative outlook on Candide as an inspiration for future revolutions, it is important to buffer such a statement with the admission that he created a new way of writing about society that was not to be matched for years to come. As one essay on Candide claims, “With the death of , the Enlightenment passed into the hands of nonentities like Suard: it lost its fire and became a mere tranquil diffusion of light. A comfortable ascent toward progress.” Check out our top Free Essays on Candide to help you write your own Essayessay on Candide and The Social Contract by Voltaire and Rousseauessay questions on candide http ontheroad29 wikispaces com candide