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The planned faced problems from its beginnings. Ironically its first setback was caused not by the project itself but by an independent publication. In 1749 Diderot published the ("An Essay on Blindness"), in which he developed the idea of teaching the blind to read through the sense of touch. It was essentially the same idea followed by Louis Braille a century later. But for Diderot it was also an example of the idea of survival through adaptation, and his materialist atheism got him into prison for three months.
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His best known work in this country, Blindness (published as Essay On Blindness in Portugal) was also made into a successful 2008 film by the Brazilian director Fernando Meirelles. The sometimes surreal fantasies of magic realism provided him a way of approaching Portugal's troubled modern history; Antonio Salazar's military coup in 1926 saw the country ruled for nearly 50 years by a dictatorship with kept it backward, rural, isolated and Catholic. essay on blindness | Flickr - Photo Sharing!Lecture 12 - Blindness in An Essay on Blindness - SlideShareIn fact, the original title of the book is Essay on Blindness, and it is part of a series ..
Blindness (original title Ensaio Sobre a Cegueira meaning "An Essay on Blindness") is a 1995 novel by José Saramago that was adapted into a film in 2008.