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is one of the possible tasks that are being assigned at universities/colleges/schools. It does not really take a lot of time to create a good English essay, for example, and get a good grade.

Still, students may face difficulties when looking for the right way of writing. That is why it is better to know the peculiar features of different kinds of work.

In this article we will pay attention to the specific features of good essays on Animal Farm.

George Orwell made an attempt to describe the situation is Russia after the ruling of Czar Nicholas II and it was very successful. Now, you get a chance to learn more about this period in the history of Russia, by analyzing this work in your essay on Animal Farm.

Students may start writing essays on Animal Farm with introducing the plot of the story in general. The author decided to use allegory in his novel: imaginary animals and several people symbolized real people of 1900s. Mr. Jones, the owner of the described farm, represented Nicholas II and the farm symbolized Russia. The common situation of those days Russia is greatly presented on the example of this farm. It needs a new leader. Such leaders are pigs (Bolsheviks). They want to make their farm free and independent. All animals should be equal…

Continue writing essays on Animal Farm with a description of the further events. Being equal is not as easy as it seems. This leads to different misunderstandings. Of course, you should not re-tell the whole story in essays on Animal Farm, but draw a parallel between the events presented in the story and those that took place in Russia.

In the process of writing an essay on Animal Farm students can try to present own points of view on the described situation. Was it possible to change the situation? Was such result predictable? Finally, why did the author pick out “Russia” as the main hero of the story? These questions may help create appropriate thesis statements for essays on Animal Farm.

In fact, a lot of interesting ideas may be raised in students’ essays on Animal Farm. All you need is just to read the novel and decide on a specific topic to cover in an essay on Animal Farm.

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The structure and components of an outline will be determined by the instructions issued by your teacher. The review seeks to establish whether all components of a literary essay on Animal Farm are present according to expectations by the teacher. The instructions will act as your checklist as you seek to establish whether you have met these expectations. Photo: essay questions on animal farm. Gallery images of Essay Questions On Animal Farm ImagesFree Essays on Animal Farm Corruption Of Power throughFree Essays on Animal Farm Corruption Of Power. Get help with your writing. 1 through 30
There are sample outlines for a literary essay on Animal Farm that will assist you in the writing process. The details of the outline may change as you begin writing. It only acts as a guide to writing a paper on Animal Farm but does not have to be binding.