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my essay on Andrew Jackson and habeas corpus, appears in The New Yorker on 29 January 2007. As with earlier articles, I'm posting here a few outtakes and tips of the hat.
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Andrew Jackson was born on March 15th, 1767 at a settlement near the Crawford’s Branch of Waxhaw Creek in South Carolina (1). His parents, Andrew Jackson, and Elizabeth Hutchinson immigrated to America two years prior to his birth, in 1765 (1). Unfortunately, his father died only a few days prior to Andrew’s birth. Jackson lived a long and interesting life, full of many achievements, financial, military and political to die at an old age of 78 in 1845. At only 13, Jackson, along with his brother joined a regiment to serve as a mounted courier in the American Revolution (2). His hotheadedness showed at even this early age, when after being captured by the British he was nearly killed by an officers sword for refusing to polish his boots (1). Jackson’s mother managed to get both him and his brother out of captivity, but they had both came down with smallpox while being held and his brother died on the trip home (1). His mother passed away from cholera soon after that while she was nursing wounded p.o.w.s. Essay on andrew jackson|Essay onessay on Andrew Jackson's Democratic Presidencyessay on Andrew Jackson's Democracy