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Brilliant collection of lesson plans. This website is also useful to parents who home educate their children, like me. One drawback- there weren't any GCSE English lesson plans or activities I could print out and do with her.
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Teachers of English are helping build a library of Common Core aligned English lesson plans that educators can use to teach College and Career Readiness standards. The English lesson plans, created in our Skill-Based Lesson Planner, are designed to teach high-level literacy skills for fiction and non-fiction texts and promote critical and analytical thinking skills. KS1 English Lesson Plans Other EnglishSEVENTH GRADE ENGLISH LESSON PLANSEnglish Lesson Plans - LEARN NC: Search results
Students are usually split over English class. Some take to it easily and love it, and some dread it as the worst part of the day. Well, no longer. Win everyone over to English by incorporating some fun, interactive activities into your English lesson plans. Keeping a journal is a great exercise to include in your English lessons plans, no matter what the age of your students. As soon as they can write, start a journal so they can become more practiced at putting their thoughts down on paper and comfortable with their own creative expression. As the students get older, their journal assignments can become more complex, giving them tough issues to explore through their writing. Journals offer another opportunity to practice grammar and use weekly vocabulary words. For older students who are focusing on literature use your English lesson plans to spark their creativity, while you also teach them to analyze writing and literature. After reading a story, have the students write a new ending for the story, using the same characters and keeping with the same style as the author. Through this exercise, the students will learn about different techniques and literary tools, and they will flex their creative muscles and become more at ease with creative expression. You can also include a weekly poetry or short story contest in your English lesson plans. Set guidelines for the entries that incorporate the tools you are trying to teach that week, be they grammatical rules or vocabulary words. The winner of the contest can receive a homework pass or extra credit points. Many websites have large collections of English lesson plans meant to help teachers across the country. For convenience, most of these resources are easy to access and easy to use. All teachers have to do is search for the resource that they want, print it and use it. Teaching English can be a hassle-free activity with the useful teaching aids available online.For younger students, your English lesson plans should include phonics, word and letter recognition and handwriting exercises. Make all of these activities fun by making games out of them. Allow students to quiz each other with reading flash cards, or even have them make up their own reading flash cards to share with the class. Make time for as much reading aloud as possible. When you have weekly spelling tests, give a reward for the student with the best handwriting on the test. Simple word searches and crossword puzzles can help with word and letter recognition.