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While the purpose of creating an effective team is clear, the processof developing a team is more difficult to determine. Effective projectteams are characterized by both task and relationship factors (Thamhain,1988). The task factors include timely performance within budget,concern for quality, and technical results, while the relationshipissues center on the capacity to solve conflicts, trust, andcommunication effectiveness. Beckhard (1971) suggests that team leadersoften place more emphasis on the task issues such as improving work andsolving problems, while those who develop the teams (e.g., consultants)emphasize the group's inner workings and relationships among itsmembers. As a consequence, the thrust of team development effortsdepends on the viewpoint of those involved.
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This 1-day Leading Effective Six Sigma Teams course will introduce you to a framework for developing and leading effective project teams in order to achieve high performance. You will learn the required elements needed to build and lead effective project teams including: comprehending the importance of effective team design, facilitating effective meetings, providing valuable feedback and managing team conflict. Developing Effective Project Teams | In House CoursesDeveloping Effective Project Teams Who is it forDeveloping and Leading Effective Project Teams
Students will be exposed to topics including: project initiation, planning, and budgeting; control, measuring and monitoring performance and quality; building effective project teams; working with third parties, communicating and collaborating across political and cultural boundaries, and risk management.Current scholarly research defines a team as "a small number of peoplewith complementary skills who are committed to a common purpose, set ofperformance goals, and approach for which they hold themselves mutuallyaccountable." A project team is a narrowing of this definition. Specifically,a project team is a small team with a shared mission, goal, and approach,which exists within a fixed timeline. Like all teams, project teams relyon intense, collaborative work to accomplish a specific goal or task thatcould not be accomplished by an individual or a work group. Effective projectteams increase the productivity, satisfaction, and growth of each of itsteam members, the team itself, and the rest of the organization.The project manager has a difficult role to play and how he or she manages it will have a big effect on the performance of the team. A project leader who knows how to run their team and how to get things done is one of the factors which make effective project teams tick over.When running projects, how often are you involved in a project status meeting. Once a week? Once every two weeks? Studies show that the most effective project teams meet once a day. For project champions, meeting daily is the best way to stay on top of what's happening with the project team, and for project managers it is essential for making minor adjustments to the goal, or responding to risk events before they get out of hand. But how do you organize a daily meeting without being hanged by your project team?