ERIC - Does Homework Help?, School Community Journal, 1991

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But does homework really help you learn? First of all, you need to answer this question for yourself. Otherwise, you will not be able to persuade your child to work on the assignments.
How does homework help you?
Did you know students didn't always have homework? Before the 1950's teachers didn't assign homework to elementary school kids. This is no longer the case now. In a 2008 survey, "77% students regardless of grade level, spend at least 30 minutes doing homework on a typical school day, while 45% reported spending at least an hour." (MetLife Survey of the American Teacher: The Homework Experience, 2008). The question we ask in this TPFK is "Does homework help students learn? Are students getting the right amount of homework?" Does homework help you learn essayDoes homework help students learnStudent Opinion | Does Your Homework Help You Learn
Students of all ages share in the debate over whether or not homework should be banned. A sad few are on the side of keeping homework, while a very large percentage would prefer if homework would just disappear. However, what is the real status here; does homework help a student’s learning process or just provide an annoyance. In this article, the pros and cons of homework are examined and a decision is reached. Agreed with more downtime, maybe the work should be lighten a bit, but I believe giving high school students homework provides a good foundation for time management. Not only does homework help students learn more about the subject, it helps create a stronger work ethic. So homework is good, just lighten to the load a bit.