In UK universities, a dissertation is

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Criswell’s dissertation, “Secure Virtual Architecture: Security for Commodity Software Systems,” describes a compiler-based infrastructure designed to address the challenges of securing systems that use commodity operating systems like UNIX or Linux. This Secure Virtual Architecture (SVA) can protect both operating system and application code through compiler instrumentation techniques. He completed a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, which nominated him for this award.
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A reference letter from a thesis or dissertation advisor evaluating the merits of the proposed project and discussing the contributions of the student to his/her field (i.e., presentations, papers, awards, or other evidence of scholarly superiority), and a statement confirming that the students dissertation approval has been approved. Consult your  for information about particular dissertation requirements on your degree programme.A dissertation adheres to certain fundamental principles of academic writing:A trusted name in UK dissertation writing services...
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Always reference in accordance with academic practices.
Failure to do so could lead to a charge of plagiarism. The MBA dissertations created by students will be assessed against the following criteria, the complete fulfillment of which ensures “1st Class” or “2:1 Standard” grade in MBA dissertation:
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