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If you have happened upon our high school website through GED online searches, please understand that you cannot earn a GED online no matter what any website suggests. You can earn your high school diploma online which is also accepted by most employers. Should your potential employer require a verification of your high school diploma, our full-time counselors are standing by to offer free verification proof of your graduation credentials including grade scores and sealed transcripts that can be mailed directly to the requested location. Earn your high school diploma quickly and entirely online with our free program! If you wish to enroll in the free online high school program, please click here to
Earning a high school diploma online may seem appealing to working adults,​ but there are not many legitimate options available.
Question: Is your high school diploma course free to take online?
Answer: Enrollment is free and the entire high school diploma online course can be taken at no cost. Graduates have the option to order their diploma graduation package. Diploma Online Today!High School Diploma Online | Penn Foster High SchoolInternational Massage Diploma Online Course
If you haven't received either a traditional high school diploma or GED certificate, West Madison Falls High School offers a free and fast program to earn high school diploma online. Enroll for free and take the test at your own pace. Once you complete enrollment, you will receive a username and password that you can use to login and continue where you last left off. Our online testing program was created using materials modeled after the actual GED test and covers the core subject; Math, Science, Social Studies and Language Arts. Depending on each individuals pace and time allocated to the test, most students can complete the course in hours or less. If you can't dedicate enough time in one duration, use the private username and password to continue where last left off. Some students may need to split the online test into a few sittings while most can complete it in one duration. Get a high school diploma online fast and receive your diploma Parcel in the mail in days after or less. This parcel will include the various transcripts and diploma copies as detailed in the high school diploma parcel section.Living pace has increased dramatically and time is limited more than ever due to busy schedules and obligations. West Madison Falls High School has thus created this website and course program specifically for those individuals who have limited time and need a diploma fast. This testing course was designed for those who can't obligate the time or resources to receive a traditional GED. Use your prior education and life experience for this high school diploma online program. High school diploma online pictures 1 High school diploma online pictures 2 High school diploma online pictures 3 High school diploma online pictures 4 High school diploma online pictures 5Our online school provides graduation verification services to all students who pass the high school diploma online test and receive the graduation parcel. Graduates can use this service throughout their lifetime and as many times as requested. These services enable the potential employer to speak directly with a guidance counselor at our school to confirm a particular individual received a passing score. Quality High School Experience
Each graduate who orders their high school diploma online parcel will receive the highest level of support and materials provided by our online high school. Our school now offers flexible payment plans for students who are interested in receiving their high school diploma according to their financial means. West Madison Falls High School offers ongoing counselor support for students and graduates through our administrative staff. Enroll today and be on your way to earning your online high school diploma quickly!