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The project guidelines would give you a clear idea of what is expected of you, in each assignment. While writing descriptive essays about places also, you must first study the guidelines to figure out how much liberty you have with the preparation of the essays. There might be instructions regarding the choice of topic, the style of writing, the use of reference material etc. There are also projects which limit the topic options to a select few to create a common platform for evaluation. If you are given the liberty to choose the topic, find a place which you can confidently and elaborately describe. Your childhood home, your school boarding house, a super market which you regularly visit, a tourist location which you have been to etc are just some of the topics you can consider. If you are a very creative person and have an excellent command over the language, you might be able to prepare outstanding descriptive essays on almost any topic. write descriptive essay placeDescriptive Essay Place BeachPlace Description Essays My Favorite Place by Joleen Chin Read other essays by Joleen Chin