Model Selection in Data Analysis Competitions

Participants of the Midwest Undergraduate Data Analytics Competition (MUDAC)
Over-fitting by multiple validation can occur both by means of computationally intensive data fitting schemes (eg, genetic algorithm search with no special precautions against over-fitting) but also by repeated manual analysis of the data (by the same or other research groups even, as happens for example in data analysis competitions and repeatedly analyzed datasets in the public domain) in which the data is analyzed by many different approaches (or different parameter settings of the same approach) until a model with low error in the training or validation data is identified.
15:20 David Kofoed Wind and Ole Winther: Model Selection in Data Analysis Competitions
The third principle of the Society is to lead the advancement of PHM as an engineering discipline. To that end, the Society is engaged in the development and adoption of international standards, research methods, teaching curricula, and metrics in PHM. Education of the PHM community is another goal that supports this principle. The Society fulfills its education goals through tutorials, workshops, PHM data analysis competitions, and hands-on training sessions during conferences. Data Analysis Competition | PHM SocietyLancaster University Data Analysis CompetitionTop 24 Data Analysis Competition profiles | LinkedIn
The winners of the Data Analysis Competition were David Kepplinger (Vienna University of Technology, Austria and United Nations Industrial Development Organization, Austria), Valentin Todorov (United Nations Industrial Development Organization, Austria), and Shyam Upadhyaya (United Nations Industrial Development Organization, Austria) with the work How industrial development effects the well-being of population: A detailed analysis to reveal the underlying mechanics. The poster presented can be downloaded .I recently participated in the Kaggle Algorithmic Trading Competition underthe username VikP. For those who do not know what is, it is a web site where individuals and corporations can host data analysiscompetitions. This particular involvedthe prediction of how the prices of 50,000 observations of 102 differentsecurities at the tick level recovered after both buyer and seller initiatedliquidity shocks. The department of mathematics and statistics at Winona State University will host the Midwest Undergraduate Data Analytics Competition (MUDAC) 2014 in Winona, Minnesota, April 5–6. MUDAC was started three years ago at Winona State University to showcase the ability of undergraduates to solve a data analytics problem for a nationwide corporation. Lacking in-house researchers and data-analysis expertise, the Foundation decided to work with , which organizes crowd-sourced big data analysis competitions. Kaggle has attracted a community of more than 80,000 data analysts of every description, and contestants have solved more than 200 challenges -- many with stunning success.If you have some data at hand and an idea of business values that can be extracted from it, diving in is your best bet. The second best would be to take part in data analysis competitions, as pointed out.Abstract — We present three datasets that were used to conduct an open competition for evaluating the performance of various machine learning algorithms used in brain-computer interfaces. The datasets were collected for tasks that included 1) detecting explicit left/right (L/R) button press, 2) predicting imagined L/R button press and 3) vertical cursor control. A total of ten entries were submitted to the competition, with winning results reported for two of the three datasets. Index Terms — Data analysis competition, Brain Computer Interface, machine learning, electroencephalography (EEG)