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Have your teacher assigned you to write an essay on culture? You searched here and there to find a good topic regarding your cultures essay but your efforts turned out to be ineffective. It looks like that your culture essay is turning out to be a culture shock essay. Don’t panic! Culture essays have always been a difficult task for students but it does not mean that world ends here; so, keep searching about essays on culture. life style: Cultural shock argumentative essayFREE culture shock Essay - Example EssaysPhoto : Culture Shock Essay Images
A culture shock essay would be effective only if it is written on one’s personal experiences. This usually talks about the strange or unusual cross-cultural practices that can put an individual in a state of disorientation. For instance, in Greece if you smile when you are introduced to someone new you are perceived to be weak. What might seem normal to one might be odd for another. All these information are found in culture shock essay. You can get good sample essays from our site for reference. This avid reader, who averages "a book a week,” all of which he finds have an influence on him, says in his autobiographical poem, “My Bio-Sphere” [Culture Shock Essays, p. 110]: