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ENGL: 4660: Advanced Creative Writing: Creative Non-Fiction . A workshop exploring the writing of creative non-fiction. May be repeated for credit. An introductory creative writing class and permission of instructor are prerequisites.

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Perhaps the best lesson I gleaned from creative writing class was that I was in the right place at the right time. This was a feeling that came from within, a certain surety that I was doing exactly what I was meant to be doing. The semester that I took a creative writing class was packed with odd coincidences and epiphanies. I was often overwhelmed with feelings of serendipity, and I stopped questioning whether I had made the right choice in pursuing creative writing as my field of study. “It’s the great talent of our local authors that makes this particular creative writing class a success.”Creative Writing ClassesThe year long Creative Writing class is where you have a large story idea that you work on the entire year and show your progress to the teacher.
NOTE: Any EngW course, with the exception of 8110, can fulfill the "Creative Writing Class of Your Choice" requirement for MFAs.
Not all online writing courses are created equally, and most writing classes focus on one part of your manuscript or another. Not often can you find a online writing workshop that tackles all the major craft issues, such as characters, emotion and viewpoint; description and setting; dialogue; plot and structure; and, the ever important, revision and self editing. But that's exactly what is covered in the writer's workshop, which provides book writing ideas, paragraph writing lessons and more. You'll be provided with checklists, thought-provoking questions, new ways to think about crucial character decisions, writing assignments—which are critical to forwarding your story—and other essential elements thanks to this creative writing class.A creative writing class may be one of the last places you can go where your life still matters.—Richard Hugo

The Creative Writing Program at Grossmont College fosters the development of creative writers at all skill levels in a supportive, professional, and dynamic atmosphere. It is our mission to serve and engage students, faculty, and the community actively through a rich variety of readings and other literary events that are always free and open to the public. The Creative Writing Program seeks to cultivate a diverse literary community and to celebrate and promote literature and its role in our culture. Download our brochure (at right) for more details about our events, activities, scholarships, faculty, and literary opportunities.Students can request that creative writing classes taken in other Tulane departments (Theater and Dance, foreign languages) or at other universities be counted toward the emphasis. Only one transfer credit can count towards the concentration in creative writing.

Tulane’s outstanding undergraduate program in creative writing offers classes in poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction and screenwriting – all in America’s most storied literary city.

We offer our undergraduates unparalleled opportunities to develop as writers, including master classes, event management internships, teaching internships in the community, short-term writing residencies, a student reading series, a literary journal, and travel to conferences and festivals.

Students from all departments and disciplines are welcome to take classes in creative writing.

ENGL 4620: Advanced Creative Writing: Poetry . A workshop s exploring the writing of poetry. May be repeated for credit. An introductory creative writing class and permission of instructor are prerequisites.