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Copyediting fiction is like other copyediting in terms of dealing with issues of consistency, grammar, punctuation, usage, and spelling, but even in these matters the fiction copyeditor has to allow the author greater leeway in the interests of creativity and expressiveness. One critical skill you need to develop is figuring out which “errors” to leave alone and which to correct.
Copyediting involves correcting your manuscript to eliminate errors, such as spelling mistakes, punctuation errors and typos.
Our editors are professional authors as well as copyeditors, so your editor will be exceptionally well-qualified: you won't just get someone who knows the rules of grammar, but somebody who will cast a tactful, constructive and intelligent eye over your entire text. Specifically, we will perform the following English copyediting, proofreading, and document formatting (when relevant) of your work:The full scope of our copyediting services fall into two orders of concern: substantive and mechanical copyediting:Laboratorio di scrittura e copyediting, a cura di Pierfrancesco Romano e Giulia Zoli della rivista Internazionale
Allow us to help refine and polish your book before you publish. With our Copyediting service, a professional editor will review your manuscript and give you suggested corrections for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and correct any typos present in the text.Copyediting is the last major stage of manuscript tidying, prior to publication. It's a tidying-up job, not a reconstruction job. In particular, copyeditors will NOT address major plot issues, sort out your pacing, pick up faults in characterisation and so on.Copy editing and proofreading are terms used to describe the process of examining written work for errors. While professional editors recognize some differences between the two activities, this article will focus on their similarities. In order to make the process accessible to beginners, the activities involved in proofreading and correcting basic errors will be referred to as "copyediting." By the time you finish reading this, you should be able to perform basic copyediting tasks.Our standard fee for copyediting is £8.50 per thousand words, though we need to quote on a project by project basis as the amount of work involved can vary. To get a quote, please , and we'll be straight back to you with a price. On the whole, you'll find our rates are much cheaper than those advertised elsewhere on the web.If you haven't yet had editorial feedback from a professional third party editor, we would suggest that you almost certainly need those services before you need copyediting. We offer that kind of help too - and you can get it .Copyediting I, II, and III must be taken in sequence, and Grammar Lab is a prerequisite for Copyediting II. Grammar Lab and Copyediting I may be taken in the same quarter. You must earn a Pass (C-) or better grade in each course. Copyediting your fiction, poetry, and music ensures a clear, consistent material for the reader, and more importantly, a happy reader. Happy readers equal return readers...and we all know what that means for you!Please contact me if you have any questions regarding the copyediting or proofreading of your job search materials. I look forward to working with you!