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The aren't any things you necessarily need to learn in and out of themselves. You need them because they are necessary for some other tasks. There may be an incentive to learn things that aren't much fun once they are necessary to do something that is.

I learned multiplication tables, and quite a lot of other simple algorithms, just to boost the speed at which I could solve/check math problems in my head. I was playing a game that rewarded fast math.

Assuming speed is the primary application of multiplication tables, what is necessary is not to force somebody to learn multiplication tables, but to convince him/her that solving math problems more quickly is useful or fun.

Learning to speak a new language fluently (and without foreign accent) is still possible at old age. Usually it is not worth the effort to most people. Certainly it is easier to learn at young age, but a lot of things are, I'm not sure if this is a very good argument for compulsory learning.

At any rate, most young people will pick up a new language when surrounded by it. I don't know of any other method to teach a language "by immersion".
• Allow a students to check math problems on a calculator
Toci’s use of technology in her classroom is almost unparalleled, with the various ways she’s used iPads, laptops, apps and Apple TV to teach online geography lessons, create scanner codes that allow students to check math problems and warn students when they’re getting too noisy. They check their answer with a key or use a calculator to check math problemsOffer to check math problems, proofread written papers, and look over spelling wordsworking very hard to write and check math problems and create and test science projects