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Now let’s move on to the tips so you can writeyour book synopsis for book agents…
Once you have found an agent, and before you sign a contract, find out who else the agent represents, what books the agent has sold and to which publishers, what the agent’s percentage (or “cut”) is, and what additional charges will be billed back to you.
Thanks so much for sharing this. A fantabulous list of books and agents indeed.
A book synopsis is a summary of your book that helps readers understand what your book is about and why they should want to read it. Those are two very different things. Now, here are some tips to help you write a book synopsis for literary agents. If you follow these guidelines, any book agent or book editor will be pleased with your effort (and want to read your book). Format: Make sure the format of your book synopsis for book agents is double-spaced. Indent your paragraphs.Door-to-door book agents.Here is what a successful computer book author Philip Greenspun of M.I.T. says about using a computer book agency:
AUTHOR CAREER BUILDER, BRAND DEVELOPER, PASSIONATE ADVOCATE, INNOVATOR These are just some of the phrases that Robert Gottlieb's clients use to describe to him. Robert says, "I have spent my career as a book agent working with au... If you are not a client of ours, we are happy to offer you brief free advice on submitting your book to agents. In particular, we are happy to review your covering letter which is an essential part of your sales pitch. We do not charge for this service - just email it over to us. PREMIER BOOK PUBLISHING AGENT TO CELEBRITIES People are amazed when they find out the celebrities, comedians, and public figures that Dan Strone has represented in book publishing. During his established career as the publishing agent t... Uggghhhh finding a book agent – I am so overwhelmed!!! Wish I could “self publish”… it stinks being poor!!! Thanks for your support and encouragement Meleah – it means a LOT!(Oh, and literary agents are also correctly known as authors agents - but you'll also find people talking about book agents, publishing agents, fiction agents, writers agents or even writing agents. The best term to use, though, is certainly just "literary agents".)Book agents were initially male. By the mid-19th century, women agents became common. According to a March 10, 1873 article in the New York Times, female agents were drawn into the canvassers' world with the false promises of the publishers (). Women were sent to sell books, but would have their money and sales swindled by the very people that hired them. In addition to being mistreated by their bosses, female book agents were looked down upon by other women. In the book Facts, By a Woman, one woman says about female book agents, "I never could see any use in a woman tramping around through the streets, among men of all classes, going into their office and places of business, to sell books or seek any sort of subscription; and any woman having a particle of good, moral breeding would never resort to such a conspicuous mode of gaining a livelihood. I never saw one that did have the least appearance of respectable bringing up doing it, and I can assure you, ladies, they get no encouragement or patronage from me." (page 7). Subscription book publishers printed handbooks for their canvassers about how to be a good book salesperson, or book agent. The handbooks would instruct the agents on techniques of selling the book by just using the partials, how to interact with the patrons, and even who to target for sales. In regards to potential customers, one handbook states "As a general rule, it will not pay to call on the Jews or the Irish people, nor the very old, if they are illiterate, nor a very poor person, when he is said to be ignorant." (Arbour xiv) It appears that most of the agents would focus on people who were financially comfortable and could be convinced into buying a book. Subscription books appealed to people who did not necessarily read a great deal. They often interested people who may buy a book on an impulse. How many Christian literary agents are there? Where are they located? And what do they want? The official Directory of Literary Agents™ has detailed book agent biographies, contact information, and more for all Christian literary agents.