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When I started out writing, I was lucky enough to live near to London, so I could wander up to the British Library and gaze happily at books for as long as I wanted. Since moving to Devon, though, and because now a round trip to London would cost me about £100, not to mention the cost of hotels, food and other necessities, it's actually a lot cheaper to check with the bibliography in books, look them up on the internet, and just buy them. For that reason, I've started to build up an extensive library of research books for my own use.
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This is an annotated bibliography of books organized by categories: , , , , , , , and separate categories for , , , and . The list is a compilation of from a diverse group of disability scholars and activists and . All of the entries illustrate an authentic view of disability using the new paradigm. Included is disability experience, identity, pride, passion, intellect, and community as we define it. The focus is on disability in the United States, but it also includes international perspectives. Bibliography books: Sample EssaysJane Austen -- Full Bibliography of Books -- by AuthorRockne Krebs Bibliography Books - Rockne Krebs
This bibliography of books was derived basically by capturing and massagingthe output from a FIND SUBJECT JANE AUSTEN search of an on-line library catalog,so I can blame any deficiencies on someone else! Generally I have retainedonly the first printing, ignoring reprints, and have only included onepublisher when a book is published both in Britain and America. A slash "/"separates alternative titles that a book has been published under (or when abook has been published under both a long and a short title, the slashseparates the part which is always included in the title from the part whichis not). It may be more interesting to browse the to this list, than this listitself.