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The EUSFLAT Best PhD Thesis Award will be given attending to the following rules:
The latest round of awards recognises the best PhD thesis in each faculty and the Monash Injury Research Institute, and take into account criteria such as the quality and scope of the research conducted, and the publications and patents that arise directly from the thesis.
4 June 2014 - The fourth Best PhD Thesis Award competition is now closed.
The Quirks & Quarks Graduate Award for Best PhD Thesis will be awarded annually from a portion of the income earned from the endowment fund.
Marilyn Mallia was awarded the George Sand Association Memorial Prize for best PhD thesis on this French female author.The Baltic University Programme (BUP) award for the best PhD thesis supports high quality research promoting sustainable development.Best PhD Thesis Award
Recent PhD graduate Jianqiang Lin received the 2015 Jin-Au Kong Doctoral Thesis Award (first place) for best PhD thesis in Electrical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dr. Irene de Diego Calderon has received the Young Academics’ European Steel Award from the for her PhD thesis “Mechanical properties of advanced high-strength steels produced via quenching and partitioning”, which has been recognized as the best PhD thesis in the field of steel metallurgy across Europe. The Award was handed out during the annual meeting STAHL 2015 on November 12, 2015 in Dusseldorf (Germany). Irene was awarded the PhD degree at , for the research work carried out at IMDEA Materials Institute in 2011-2015 under supervision of and . Currently, she is a researcher at (France).May 15th 2012, the committee who evaluated the best PhD Thesis at the UPV in 2011, awarded PhD. Francisco Martinez with the prize to the best PhD Thesis by his thesis entitled “Improving Vehicular Ad Hoc Network Protocols to Support Safety Applications in Realistic Scenarios”. Currently, Dr. Francisco Martinez holds an Associate Professor Position at the Zaragoza University in Spain.The Royal Society of Chemistry Energy Sector will award a £500 cash prize for the best PhD thesis awarded in the field of Chemistry for the Energy Sector.This CCDC award recognizes a PhD student judged to have written the best PhD thesis in the area of Control, Dynamical-Systems, or Computation over the period of evaluation. The Award consists of a $1000 prize and a plaque to be presented no more often than annually at a CCDC function. Congratulations to Hugh Miller, Taylor Fry actuary, on being awarded the Katherine Robertson Memorial Prize for the best performance in the General Insurance Examinations in 2012. Hugh Miller was also the recipient of the Chancellor’s Prize for the best PhD thesis for 2011 in Science and Engineering at the University of Melbourne, and the A M Parker Prize for the most outstanding paper published by the Australian Actuaries Institute during 2011. Read more about Hugh Miller .Received the of the University Association for Contemporary European Studies (UACES), the of the Dutch Political Science Association (NKWP) for best Phd thesis defended in 2008, and a in the G.A. Van Poelje Jaarprijs competition of the Dutch Public Administration Association (VB) for best PhD thesis defended in 2008.
Aiming to recognize the high quality of ITQB PhD theses, the Instituto de Tecnologia Química e Biológica (ITQB) will award an annual prize to the best PhD thesis resulting from research work mainly performed at the Institute.