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An argumentative persuasive essay can be difficult to write when you don’t have a strong grasp of how to present your data. The idea is to present your main idea with supporting evidence that helps back up your argument. Depending on guidelines for your essay, you may be working to persuade the reader’s opinion about the topic while being objective or compromising to other viewpoints about the topic.
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There are plenty of different types of evidence that can be used in an argumentative essay; you can use research from literature or any kind of published material, using interpretation to argue the points of the essay with the help of this literature. You can also use any empirical evidence that you may gather; you can gather this evidence from carrying out interviews, performing surveys or experiments, or any other observations that you may make. As long as the evidence is credible and relevant then it can potentially be used in an argumentative persuasive essay. Argumentative or persuasive essay examples | Wells & TrembathThe Researched Argumentative or Persuasive EssayLearning The Art Of Argumentative Persuasive Essay Writing
Therefore, it is not that easy to write argumentative essay topic in seconds, you have to think a lot before the final selection of the essay topic. The above told criteria for the selection of argumentative or persuasive essay topic are just few of them, in fact a lot goes into such a decision making process. An argumentative or persuasive essay is an essay that is based on a great deal of research; the essay then uses the information gathered to argue one point or another, and contains reasonable arguments for both sides including a position that you are taking and using logical steps to counteract the arguments from the other side.Argumentative and Persuasive essays have much in common. They both look at a topic from two sides but where an argumentative essay aims to present both sides in a balanced way, the persuasive essay tries to sway the reader to a specific side. Here are a few essay topics that can be addressed from both the argumentative and persuasive styles.